President Desk

President Desk

The Jain Social Group (JSG) movement started in 1965 and was organised through its Jain Social Groups International Federation (JSGIF) in 1980 by Shri C. N. Sanghvi, Founder President. It covers more than 400 Groups at molecular level, spread across the world. The principal motto of JSG is to :


This is the motivation for us to attain social and cultural objectives by spreading the feeling of friendship and brother-hood amongst all members, imparting the teaching of Lord Mahaveera, and to create a healthy Socialist, Secular and Democratic society and help in Nation building.

The organisation structure constitutes of different bodies, each holding its own unique position in the structure, but with one binding slogan "Bandhutvase Prem" that provides a forum for social interaction to 65000 + Members.

Activities of the Federation

Jain Social Groups International Federation (JSGIF) contributes tremendously by bringing about a sense of unity amongst different sects (Firkas) of Jainism like Swetamber, Digambar, Sthanakwasi, Terapanthi, etc. and to active the object of "Bandhutvase Prem". To this objective, the Federation conducts various activities and programs at Group level, Region level and Federation level, like (1) Workshops and Camps (2) Samuhika Vivah & Lagna Mela (3) Celebration of Utsavs (4) Publication of Monthly magazine "Mangal Yatra" (5) Conference & Seminar (6) Cultural Activities (7) Film Show (8) Drama (9) Picnic (10) Cricket etc.

JSG Movement on Internet

Federation has developed database website and maintained by Authorised Site Administrator for providing globally three types of information, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year as under :

  • (1) General Information of Federation :- Database information of Federation Post, General Council Members, Groups of Federation, Members of Groups.
  • (2) Current News of Federation :- Display of Mangalyatra, Letter of President, Kal Aaj Aur Kal, Glimpsing of Activities etc.
  • (3) Matrimonial Information of Jain Candidates :- Collection and Display of Jain Matrimonial Data with Quick Search option.

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